The link between music and gambling

Every attempt to trace where the connection between music and gambling comes from and where this connection begins, it turns out that it appears in the subconscious, which is where the energy is derived to switch from everyday work to relaxation. More than one music style has its origins in the gambling houses.

This is how music such as jazz and tango entered the masses, and even opera was played in gambling houses. By the end of the nineteenth century they were being played in casinos. In Buenos Aires the local people had a thirst for entertainment. To accompany cheerful games, music was needed that would coincide in emotion and sensation with nothing else but the emotion of gambling. This is how tango was formed – among roulette, baccarat and other gambling games, which were gaining in popularity more and more quickly, and the music supported and warmed up the players.

In 1850, Verdi’s opera was particularly popular and widespread in San Francisco, famous for its gambling houses. A well-known American producer by the name of George Martin stated that opera was one of the most refined and challenging art forms. In San Francisco it especially flourished and spread during the height of the gold rush, when absolutely every day was inevitably filled with duels and gambling. For the US it was a most challenging era, but for opera it was the most exhilarating and energetic one, fostering its development.

An active position between the classical music of the 1800s and the pop music of the 1900s was occupied by jazz. The New Orleans jazz style originated as black, working class music. After the massive migration of the African American population, jazz became especially popular. The classic jazz notes of that era’s saxophone were heard from almost every underground casino.

Speaking of the link between music and the history of gambling, one cannot ignore the cultural and musical history of Las Vegas. After all, it was in the prevalent casinos of Sin City that the names of such kings as Elvis Presley and Bob Sinatra became popular. It’s not without reason that almost every local wedding chapel in Las Vegas still has its own Elvis – in the form of a priest disguised as the King of Pop.

Nowadays, millions of professional gamblers sit at the table only accompanied by personal music played through headphones. Increasingly, researchers are coming to realise that music and gambling are linked by inseparable threads. They complement each other, like yin and yang, stimulate each other, and this connection constantly fuels the players’ interest.

Soothing music is played in the rooms where the roulette and card tables are set up. In the rooms where the slot machines are located, an atmosphere of celebration is created. The music is rhythmic, but not too loud. The cheerful sounds of the machines set the customer up for an active, action-packed game. Guests get the impression that they are one step away from winning. And if the jackpot is won, the sound of falling coins encourages further play. It draws new players from other rooms to take a seat at the slot machine.

The casino also provides audio entertainment for outside guests. For example, when players browse casino ratings on the internet. Psychologists claim that information is better absorbed by listening to certain tunes. Today, gambling houses use this principle to attract additional attention from online customers.

Music in casinos – how it’s chosen and what it affects

Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine gambling establishments, both land-based and online, without music.

Read on to find out how and why all the best casinos on the planet choose their music.

Music affects more than just a person’s physiology. Practical experience shows that music in gambling venues plays a very important role in creating the atmosphere the players go there for. Even the very first casinos, which were set up in the south of Italy to house gatherings of gamblers, had music playing in them. Invited musicians played simple songs to keep the customers entertained.

Play different music in different rooms

Music accompanies casino patrons every step of the way. Not only in the game room, but in the bar, lounge and even the toilets. However, there will always be a different melody. There is only one general rule for all soundtracks – they should not draw too much attention from the audience. After all, the guest’s main focus should be on the game itself.

In areas where patrons unwind from games – lounge areas, restaurants, bars, lobbies – relaxing lounge music can always be heard. These are instrumental melodies without lyrics that sound deep and soothing. People tend to relax in these areas, so music is appropriate.

From these areas enter the Arcade, where there is more rhythmic, festive and upbeat music. This is complemented by the bright lights of the slot machine itself and the mischievous sounds it makes as coins drop. real party! These areas almost always play the most popular songs on the world tracklist, but sometimes the owners put together what they think is the most complete playlist.

The most carefully selected music appears in the rooms where patrons play poker or roulette. Here they always play songs without words calmly and tenderly. After all, these games require a high concentration of players, and nothing should disturb them.

Casinos around the world, visited by millions of players each year, sometimes not only choose off-the-shelf tunes, but also order music composed by world-class musicians individually for each room.

Why Casino Music Is Custom

The first casino opened in the 16th century. Since then, and for more than four hundred years, musical accompaniments have been chosen from ready-made melodies according to popular trends. But in the twentieth century, when psychology became the state-of-the-art science, the tunes began to be customized. It’s about professional psychologists discovering how different music affects people’s moods and behavior. Since then, casinos around the world have picked tracks for their lounges very seriously.

Different things are taken into account when choosing a particular piece.

A mood booster

The fact that certain tunes have a mood-enhancing effect was proven by experts years ago. It’s all about hormones: Our brain produces the hormone serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone’, when we listen to a certain type of sound. Scientists are still studying the subject, and marketers from all over the planet are happy to make use of their findings. That’s why casino music can have a euphoric effect, making you want to go there again and again.

Influencing behaviour

However, it is not just a matter of elevating the customers’ mood, but of keeping it light, so that people who are too cheerful do not disturb the other customers. Therefore, some of the tunes are chosen in such a way as to bring the players back in a calm direction.


If you’ve ever been in a slot machine gym, you’ll probably know that the playlist is looped, and played purely in a loop. This isn’t because the organisers of these games don’t have any imagination. Playing music in a loop increases concentration and concentration. If the sound effects change frequently, the opposite effect occurs.

But there is a disadvantage to this strategy. Everyone has different musical tastes and not everyone can enjoy the music they choose.


Have you ever noticed that you remember a product solely because of the music in the commercials? The same principle works with games. If each game is assigned a catchy tune, every time that tune plays in your head, you’ll unconsciously remember the game itself.

The same goes for the commercials for the gambling houses themselves. With the right melody, a brand can become recognisable and win the attention of players over competitors.

Player interest

Music can get boring in any case, even if it is the calmest. That is why tracks for global casino brands are chosen by certified psychologists. The compositions are chosen in such a way and in such an order as to sound as unobtrusive as possible and, on the contrary, to reveal the client’s interest in the institution.

Sometimes famous composers are invited to write melodies for the games. One such composer is Gerry Martin. He has written many tracks for classic games and is considered to be the most in-demand specialist in this field. He did his own research, in which he revealed that the best melodies for games are minimalistic compositions with a light mood and a small set of instruments in the sound. These tracks keep the interest in the game, but do not bore or distract the gamer.

Tuned to perform one type of task

No matter how you slice it, practically every casino game is a monotonous execution of the same actions. The human brain is built in such a way that it needs variety. Monotonous activities, even if they are the most interesting, can make a person tired. To prevent boredom in casinos, the owners again use music. Rhythmic instrumental melodies help to bring variety to the constant succession of betting or pressing machine buttons. Thus, it becomes more fun to play.

Minutes of silence

But no matter how good the melody is, everyone can get tired of the constant sounds. Such a point taken into account the owners of the top online casinos. Each gambling site has an option that allows you to turn off the music or the sound in the game. This allows online gamblers to take a break from the music and start the next game of online poker or roulette with renewed vigour. This option is why many gamblers especially appreciate online casinos.

If we’re talking about land-based gambling houses, there the customer can’t control the music. But avid gamblers have found a simple solution: many take their own player with headphones or regular earplugs to the casino that allow them to switch from general music background to individual one.

Now you know that casino music is not just a random set of tunes but an important cog in the marketing and psychology mechanism that helps attract customers and keep them coming back again and again and that will definitely benefit the casino owners. The customers, though, are also happy with this mechanism.

People from the world of music love gambling too

Music and casino games go hand in hand.  This harmonious relationship between the two industries means that many of the world’s most popular musicians have tried and tried their luck at casinos.  What is it that attracts stars so much to casino games? Apparently, they come to the casino to give a concert and then they probably play a guest game and get immersed in the unusual world of gambling.

Musicians love risk and gambling.  Perhaps it has something to do with their hectic lives on the road, or maybe the casino just has an effect on everyone who tries to gamble.  Perhaps casino entertainment is a way to relax, or maybe it’s just a bit of wastefulness.  It’s worth noting that musicians weren’t the only ones who loved casino games.  Film stars, athletes, politicians and television personalities also have a weakness for gambling.